Kraai [Crow]


Country: Belgium

Title: Kraai [Crow]

Languages: Flemish, French, English. Has been translated in many other languages

Bibliographic Information: Timmers, Leo. Kraai [Crow]. Hasselt: Clavis, 2009.

ISBN: 9789044810790

Crow is very different from the other birds around him, and is made fun of by them. So Crow devises a plan to fit in by painting his black feathers multi- colored in order to look more like the other birds. However, the plan backfires and he ends up scaring everyone away.


Reason for choosing the book:
This is an excellent visual story about difference, acceptance, and identity. It is written in Flemish, thus representing the Flemish community of Belgium in the collection, and it has been translated in many other languages.


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