Tris Psichoulles Vrochis [Three drops of rain]


Country: Cyprus

Title: Tris Psichoulles Vrochis [Three drops of rain]

Language: Greek

Bibliographic Information: Spyrou, Stella. Tris Psichoulles Vrochis [Three drops of rain]. Nicosia: Zavallis Lytho, 1997.

ISBN: 9963-8290-0-7

Three magical drops of rain choose their destinations and drop from the morning sky. One decides to water a geranium, the other decides to drop on a boy’s hair and cheek, and the last one visits a cyclamen on the mountain of Pentadaktylos. Lyrical language and engaging illustrations highlight feelings, rather than telling a linear story.


Reason for choosing the book:
The author’s and the illustrator’s love of Cypriot nature is obvious in both the text and the illustrations. Even more intense is the feeling that the reader gets with respect to the creators’ (who are refugees) hope to see the politically troubled island of Cyprus reunited.


Translation: English , Estonian , German , Romanian , Polish


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