Les Trois brigands [The Three Robbers]


Country: France

Title: Les Trois brigands [The Three Robbers]

Language: French, English, German

Bibliographic Information: Ungerer, Tomi. Les Trois brigands [The Three Robbers]. Paris: L’Ecole des loisirs, 2001

ISBN: 978-2211062732

Once upon a time there were three robbers, who had amassed an incredible wealth by robbing travellers. Their lives and ugly ways changed the day they met Tiffanly, a little orphan.


Reason for choosing the book:
This is one of the cult picture books of children’s literature, in which the talents of storyteller and illustrator Tomi Ungerer are at their highest. The literary value of the book is generally acknowledged by teachers, critics, scholars, librarians and other experts. The plot of the story is interesting and stimulating for an audience of varied age groups. The picture book tells a good visual story and the illustration is of high artistic quality, which is proven by the many international awards. The book is also translated in many languages and videos are available online in French and English. There are activities based on the book available online as well.


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http://tifnb.free.fr/maitrise%20du%20langage/albums%20ce1/Les%20trois%20 brigands.pdf
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