Zangozikin [Dirty Feet]


Country: Spain

Title: Zangozikin [Dirty Feet]

Language: Basque, Spanish

Bibliographic Information: Izagirre, Koldo. Zangozikin [Dirty Feet]. Ills. Olariaga, Antón. Pamplona: Igela, 2009.

ISBN: 978 84 87484 89 6

During siesta time, the children gather to play in the town square. At the same time, immigrants use the public phone to talk to their relatives abroad. Trying to appease their distant family, they describe a perfect life that doesn’t match what the reader observes in the images.


Reason for choosing the book:
The book has been published in Basque, as well as in Spanish (Castilian); it is thus representing two of the four languages spoken in Spain. It is an excellent visual story, which deals with issues of difference as it refers to the lives of immigrants living in Spain.


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