Country: UK  (England)

Title: Michael

Language: English, Danish, Finnish, France, Italy, Catalan, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh, Japanese, USA, Portuguese, Brazilian

Bibliographic Information: Bradman, Tony. Michael. Ills. Tony Ross. London: Andersen Press, 2009.

ISBN: 978-1-84270-911-5


A British school setting but a universal theme. This is a story about an outsider who doesn’t succeed at school because he thinks outside the box - and of course turns out to be a bit of a genius....Michael is different. His teachers say he is the worst boy in the school. He is always late and he is a little scruffy. Is there no hope for him at all?’


Reason for choosing the book:
Tony Bradman’s humorous text and Tony Ross’ zany illustrations make them one of the UK’s most loved picture book teams. They have published numerous successful publications together, most of which have been translated into over 40 languages. Michael, set in a British school, is an ideal picture book for all ages and all cultures, but particularly for children who are “different” from their peers in some way.


Translation: German


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About Tony Bradman

About Tony Bradman

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Information about Tony Ross

Information about Tony Ross