CHORY KOTEK (An ill cat)


Country: Poland

Title: CHORY KOTEK (An ill cat)

Language: Polish

Bibliographic Information: Jachowicz, Stanisław. Chory kotek [A sick cat]. Illus. Katarzyna Kołodziej. Wrocław: Wydawnictwo Jasieńczyk, 2006.

ISBN: 978-83-86084-38-8

One small cat is sick and lies in bed, so a doctor comes to examine him. It turns out, that the cat has eaten too many mice and food with too much fat. He orders the cat to not eat any fat, cake, mice, or birds. He then gives him a strict diet.


Reason for choosing the book:
This picture book is very well-known among teachers, librarians and critics. It presents the universal problem of eating too much, and it promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is a picture book with very good illustrations.


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