Mi Laberinto (My Maze)


Country: Spain

Title: Mi Laberinto (My Maze)

Language: Spanish, Korean

Bibliographic Information: Guerrero, Pablo. Mi Laberinto[My Maze]. Ills. Emilio Urberuaga. Madrid: Editorial Kόkinos, 2003.

ISBN: 84-88342-42-X

In this imaginative story, a little boy dreams of becoming many things: When I’m a taxi driver, I drive you in my taxi to the sea. When I’m a piano player, I sing to your heart’s rhythm. When I’m a painter, I cover your ceiling with almond trees.


Reason for choosing the book:
This book has been chosen because it encompasses the dreams and imagination of all children in all countries, although the illustrations have a very Spanish flavour. The delightful text, which runs alongside these illustrations, imaginatively creates all the worlds that a child is able to build in all the words that a child is able to say.


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