Raudonas kamuolys [Red Thread]


Country: Lithuania

Title: Raudonas kamuolys [Red Thread]

Language: Lithuanian

Bibliographic Information: Salciute, Laisvydè. Raudonas kamuolys [Red Thread]. Vilnius: Baltos lankos, 2005.

ISBN: 9955-584-70-X                  

The picture book narrates a playful story about a ball of red thread. A small boy, Pilypukas, and his cat find the ball and play with it, imagining that it is a car, a balloon, an elephant, a house and other things.


Reason for choosing the book:
The narrative is related by the images and the laconic text is only commenting on the pictures. Activity in the pictures is clear and familiar to children and at the same time “playful,” giving good reasons to the child to think about the relations between things.


Translation: English , EstonianGreek , German , Polish , Romanian


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Drawings of 7-years old pupils about their fantasy houses, inspired by this book. Download pictures[10.8 mb]1319106871 Archive