The Poor Man’s Clever Daughter


Country: Romania

Title: The Poor Man’s Clever Daughter

Language: Romanian

Bibliographic Information: Ispirescu, Petre. Fata săracului cea isteaţă [The Poor Man’s Clever Daughter]. Bucurest: Aramis Print s.r.l., 2009

ISBN: 978-973-679-723-1


A poor man, with a house full of children, gets some land from a landowner. He starts building a hut, but a cow, which belongs to his rich neighbour, falls in the hole he has dug. Dissatisfied with the damage, the rich neighbour complains to the landowner. The landowner them asks the two men three questions. The poor man, helped by his elder daughter, gives very smart answers. The intelligent replies amaze the landowner, who decides to marry the clever girl.


Reason for choosing the book:
The story of common poor people who overcome rich ones, due to cleverness, is captivating. The message is direct, easily understood: smartness can help anyone out of the most difficult situations. Furthermore, elements of the culture that has produced the story are identifiable in the text and images.


Proposed Learning Activities: Literature , Language , Culture


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