Malla cyklar [A crash course for Molly]


Country: Sweden

Title: Malla cyklar [A crash course for Molly]

Language: Swedish, English

Bibliographic Information: Eriksson, Eva. Malla cyklar [A crash course for Molly]. Stockholm: Eriksson & Lindgren, 2003.

ISBN: 9187803887

A funny picture book about a little pig’s first attempts to ride a bicycle to the park with her grandmother.


Reason for choosing the book:
Eva Eriksson is an acclaimed Swedish artist; she has won the Astrid Lindgren Award in 2001. The humorous interaction between text and image demonstrates the author-illustrator’s skills. Furthermore, the plot revolves around the use of bicycles, a characteristic element in the lives of Swedish people and other (mostly Northern) Europeans as well.


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