Fabjan [Fabian]


Country: Slovenia

Title: Fabjan [Fabian]

Language: Slovene, German (bilingual edition)

Bibliographic Information: Zankl, Helga. Fabjan [Fabian]. Ills. Béatrice Metlewicz. Translated into German by Fabjan Hafner. Klagenfurt: Mohorjeva Založba / Hermagoras, 2008.

ISBN: 978-3-7086-0391-9                    

Fabjan is a starling; he believes that he is particularly clever, because he is hiding in an airplane in order to avoid the hardships of a normal bird’s flight to Africa. But unfortunately he doesn’t land in Africa; he lands in ice and snow instead. Luckily the seagull Gregory helps him out.


Reason for choosing the book:
The book, was published recently (2008) as a bilingual edition – Slovene and German. It tells a good visual story and the illustration is of high artistic quality. The plot is interesting and stimulating. The picture book’s literary value is generally acknowledged by teachers, critics, scholars, librarians and other experts.


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http://www.mohorjeva.org/images/upload/2009/2251_Katalog_MD_2008-2009_ onscreen.pdf
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