Kaksne barve je svet [What Colour has the World]


Country: Slovenia

Title: Kaksne barve je svet [What Colour has the World]

Language: Slovene, Croatian, Czech, German, Hungarian, Roma, Serbian, Slovak

Bibliographic Information: Muck, Desa. Kaksne barve je svet [What is the colour of the World?]. Ills. Branka Schwarz. Klagenfurt: Mohorjeva Založba / Hermagoras, 2003.

ISBN: 978-3850138567                

Peter and Rosi cannot draw well because they don’t see well. They are moles. In fact, they are mole boys. The author Desa Muck and the illustrator Branka Schwarz show us our own world through the eyes of the two mole boys. Their mother doesn’t let them outside of the mole hole. However, they are very curious to see the world. That is why they buy themselves strong sunglasses and go on aforbidden adventure. What they see on earth exceeds anything they have expected. There are so many other creatures and so many colours.


Reason for choosing the book:
This picture book tells a good visual story and the illustrations are of high artistic quality. The plot is interesting and stimulating for creative activities with children. The book Is generally acknowledged and has received several prizes. The author and the illustrator are well-known not only in Slovenia, but in other countries as well. This book was translated into several languages, including Roma.


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