Kikker in de kou [Frog in winter]


Country: Netherlands

Title: Kikker in de kou [Frog in winter]

Language: Dutch (Has been translated in more than 50 languages)

Bibliographic Information: Velthuijs, Max. Kikker in de kou [Frog in winter]. Amsterdam: Leopold, 1992.

ISBN: 9789025847579

Frog is taken by surprise when winter comes. He doesn’t understand why everything is covered in white and he is too cold to take part in any of the joyous fun that Duck is having by skating or that Hare is having by throwing snowballs. The animals band together to equip Frog for enjoying winter, and later they share his rejoicing when spring arrives.


Reason for choosing the book:
Max Velthuijs is an internationally acclaimed illustrator from the Netherlands, who was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2004. In an interview, he stated that “A Frog is a kind of universal creature but also... Koud-Kikkerland (Cold Frogland) is what the Dutch call Holland, so a frog is typically Dutch.” He regarded Kikker in de kou [Frog in Winter] as his best picture book in the Frog series.


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