Wie Mama und Papa Verliebte wurden [How Mummy met Daddy]


Country: Germany

Title: Wie Mama und Papa Verliebte wurden [How Mummy met Daddy]

Language: German, English

Bibliographic Information: Grossmann-Hensel, Katharina. Wie Mama und Papa Verliebte wurden [How Mummy met Daddy]. Wien-München: Annette Betz Verlag im Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, 2006.

ISBN: 987-3-219-11249-8                  

Mummy liked everything that was colourful, and daddy all that was not colourful...There could hardly be two people so different from each other. One day when they met by chance, Mummy lost her colour, while Daddy was all red. The doctor they consulted said it was not a disease. And all of a sudden they understood: they were in love. This is a picture book about Mum, Dad, and love.


Reason for choosing the book:
The book is of high artistic quality and very popular. It offers a good opportunity to discuss difference, and to learn to respect it and turn it into an advantage. The text and the images also offer many elements of the culture which has produced the book. The book has been translated into English.


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