Zodi am Schatofor


Country: Luxembourg

Title: Zodi am Schatofor

Language: Luxembourgish, German

Bibliographic Information: Hoscheit, Jhemp. Zodi Am Schatofor [Trouble in the Castle]. Ills Michel Demart. Luxembourg: Editions Guy Binsfeld, 2002.

ISBN: 978-2879541136

This is a story about the unusual and the enchanted, with Knights in combat and mysterious forces abounding, told with a great deal of humour by Jhemp Hoscheit and illustrated by Michel Demart with an intense love for detail. Like many Luxembourgish books, this book is set in medieval times. It is a lushly illustrated 22-page tale of a boy who accidentally spoils his chances for knighthood, but then wins the honor. The scene is set in Schatofor Castle: Robin is about to be dubbed Knight. Just at that moment, he breaks wind! The King is furious and sends him on his way. The young protagonist has several experiences on his voyage, until he eventually becomes a Knight.


Reason for choosing the book:
The book carries local cultural elements in two manners: 1. As it is published in Luxembourgish, it is part of an intense effort to preserve this small nation’s language. 2. Castles and medieval times are an important part of the country’s history and culture.


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About the author

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