A Cebra Camila [Camilla the Zebra]


Country: Spain

Title: A Cebra Camila [Camilla the Zebra]

Language: Galician, Catalan, Spanish (Castilian), Italian, English

Bibliographic Information: Núnez, Marisa. A Cebra Camila [Camilla the Zebra]. Ills. Óscar Villán. Pontevedra: Kalandraka, 2009.

ISBN: 978-84-8464-126-1

When Camila goes outside on a blustery day without her tight- fitting trousers and suspenders, a mighty wind blows away seven of her stripes. She cries seven tears for them, and then she is given seven replacements. Snake donates a yellow ring from his tale, the rainbow hands her a bow of silk, a spider knits her a ribbon, and a cicada gives her a violin string. The kindest gift is from her mother, who braids a strand of her own mane into a long thread for the young zebra to wear.


Reason for choosing the book:
The book has been published in Galician, Basque, and Spanish (Castilian); it is thus representing three of the four main languages spoken in Spain. It is an excellent visual story, which deals with issues of difference, identity, friendship and love


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