ŻÓŁTA ZASYPIANKA (A yellow lullaby)


Country: POLAND

Title: ŻÓŁTA ZASYPIANKA (A yellow lullaby)

Language: Polish, German, French

Bibliographic Information: Onichimowska, Anna. Żółta zasypianka. Illus. Krystyna Lipka-Sztarbałło Łódź: FRO9, 2005.

ISBN: 978-83-920384-3-6

A small girl cannot sleep, because her bedding is full of yellow flowers and chickens. She asks her mother to tell her a yellow lullaby. The story tells about a yellow island, where everything is yellow. One day, a man in a yellow suit and a yellow parrot come to the island in a yellow balloon. The man scatters some seeds around and goes to sleep in a yellow tent. After a month, he gets out of the tent wearing a raffled red suit. He is very satisfied to see the red flowers that have bloomed all over the island.


Reason for choosing the book:
This picture book has been translated into German and French,and is very well- known among teachers, librarians, and critics. The author is one of the most famous Polish authors of books for children and teenagers. It is an interesting visual story.


Translation: English , Estonian , Greek , Romanian , German


Proposed Learning Activities: Literature , Language , Culture


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