Capra cu trei iezi (The Goat and Her Three Kids)


Country: Romania

Title: Capra cu trei iezi (The Goat and Her Three Kids)

Language: Romanian

Bibliographic Information: Creanga, Ion Capra cu trei iezi [The Goat and Her Three Kids]. Bucurest: Aramis Print s.r.l., Bucuresti, 2003

ISBN: 9736790290

Capra cu trei iezi is an 1875 fairy tale by Romanian author Ion Creangă. Figuratively illustrating for the notions of motherly love and childish disobedience, it recounts how a family of goats is ravaged by the Big Bad Wolf, when he is allowed to enter the secure home by the oldest, most ill-behaved and least prudent of the kids. The only child to survive is the youngest and most obedient, who then helps his mother plan her revenge on the predator, leading to the wolf being tricked and punished


Reason for choosing the book:
The story is considered a masterpiece by national and international critics. The pictures are suggestive for Romanian dress and architecture. They tell a captivating story that emphasizes the tragic consequences of children disobedience. It provides information about Romanian culture.


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