Schenk mir Flügel [Give me wings]


Country: Austria

Title: Schenk mir Flügel [Give me wings]

Language: German

Bibliographic Information: Janisch, Heinz. Schenk mir Flügel [Give me wings]. Ills. Selda Marlin Soganci. St.Pölten: Residenz, 2010.

ISBN: 978-3-7017-2031-6

A boy draws the picture of an angel. But this angel does not want the ordinary wings that are made out of feather, which are common and old-fashioned. The angel wants special wings. Therefore, the boy makes wings out of different material: sea waves, grass, sparkling glass, sunshine, flowers, snowflakes, and letters.


Reason for choosing the book:
This book tells a good visual story, and the illustrations are of high artistic quality. The plot is interesting and stimulating for an audience of varied age groups. This picture book’s literary value is generally acknowledged by teachers, critics, scholars, librarians and other experts, and is highly appreciated for its poetic and emotional atmosphere, for the quality of illustrations and for the text, all of which stimulate the child’s imagination. The book is available on the market.


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