Was macht man, wenn… Ratschläge für den kleinen Mann [What to do


Country: Austria

Title: Was macht man, wenn… Ratschläge für den kleinen Mann [What to do if… Advice for the Small Man]

Language: German

Bibliographic Information: Turrini, Peter. Was macht man, wenn... Ratschläge für den kleinen Mann [What to do when... Advice for the Small Man]. Ills. Verena Ballhaus. Wien-München: Annette Betz Verlag im Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, 2009.

ISBN: 978-3-219-11402-7                   

Everyday situations are not always pleasant, especially for a small person. In his book, the famous Austrian playwriter Peter Turrini gives unconventional solutions to such situations.


Reason for choosing the book:
The first children’s book of one of the most famous contemporary Austrian writers Peter Turrini, proposes unconventional answers to difficult questions and shows that even the most serious problems, such as being swallowed by a whale, are not to be taken so seriously; it is always possible to find a solution, as long as you stay calm and self-possessed. The picture book’s literary value is generally acknowledged by teachers, critics, scholars, librarians, and other experts, and it was awarded the Austrian State Prize for Children’s literature in 2010.


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