1319102950 ok-green  EPBC II Bibliographic Catalogue

       Here you can find useful information regarding all 65 picture books of the EPBC II collection.


1319102950 ok-green EPBC II Pools of Activities

       From these groups of suggested activities, you can pick and use the ones that best fit your students and educational setting.


1319102950 ok-green EPBC II Guide for Teachers

       This easy to read guide will help you get started with using EPBC II in your teaching.


1319102950 ok-green EPBC II Training Modules for Teachers

       These modules are a useful tool for teacher-trainers who wish to train teachers in the use of EPBC II or other European picture books.


1319102950 ok-green EPBC II Online Activities

       Short, interactive activities connected to specific books from the collection.